The Machine

One part electrical, one part chastity & one part CBT

Using your lust against you The Machine is an automated bondage device capable of dispensing punishment during a set time interval.  The design of this apparatus is highly focused on erotic visuals and genitorture – making The Machine ideal for punishment and interrogation.  He will try to use his lust to fight back the pain and that cycle will lead you to his secrets.

This invention can be used for self-bondage scenarios or with your dominant partner overseeing. In the latter case the dominant person has the option to leave The Machine unattended as punishment is being administered to the man’s penis.

The basic setup works this way. The male being punished or interrogated is first strapped onto the bondage board with 15 or more straps. Circular electrode rings are placed over the shaft of his penis – these will deliver erotic pain once the electrical current begins flowing. A motion sensor is used to detect any penis movement. Visual stimuli (soft porn – ladies in bathing suits – etc.) is provided to arouse. Every time his penis moves – he gets a shock.

Recent additions to The Machine is a special dispenser that will add a drop of Icy Hot or capsaicin onto the man’s penis if he twitches a certain number of times. The default setting is for every five twitches a drop of burning fluid will come in contact with his penis – over time his penis will be engulfed with burning pain.

Continued Development

PCB Development

The Machine in its current state is a kludge.   Very slowly I’ve been designing a PCB layout that will incorporate all components. This will take time, but should be well worth the effort.    I can’t wait to finally see something professional looking.

At this time The Machine is not for sale. However, I am consolidating the design in a professional PCB layout. If you’re interested then PM me at  or

PCB layout

PCB 3D rendering 20180411

PCB 3D rendering 20180411

PCB 3D rendering 20180411


The video below shows a recent upgrade to The Machine.


Testing Magnetic Locks


This video is me during a session.