Unforgiving electricity –¬†a behavioral modification¬†technique.

I’m an electrical engineer with a four year electrical engineering degree (BSEE) and a master’s degree in engineering (MSEE). I’ve lived in Silicon Valley for 20 years now. When I’m not working for a living I design electronic bondage devices.

In 1989 I was a boy living in a small town isolated from big cities. There was no internet. The acronym BDSM was totally unknown to me. Yet, I was hand building electronic devices to deliver electrical current into my penis.

From that time forward I constantly refined my (very) secret machine. I really thought I was the only one doing this.

It wasn’t until around 1995 when the internet was becoming available to common folks that I learned a bit more on the subject of BDSM – which I’ve always enjoyed since childhood. I was still in college when I learned of something called a TENS device.

Once I knew other people participated in electrical play I shared my unique device with select others in the community. As time moved on I developed more features of my device – and named it “The Machine”

If you’ve never used electricity on yourself then I might describe it as a vibrator with sharp teeth – capable of nearly sensual feelings to outright painful. There is no upper bound on how painful it becomes either.

Electrical current used on the genitals is fickle and unforgiving. It takes experience to set this up for the intended result – unless you only want screeching pain every time. But, I know most want a special mix of pleasure and pain – and that’s exactly what electricity is capable of if you know how to use it.

I’ve always enjoyed the sterile application of electricity – as if you’re in prison being punished for crimes.

Other than for personal use – I never did much with this idea and accumulated knowledge. But, I’m softening up on the idea of sharing this device with others – especially given my skillset as a hardware engineer. This has the potential to become a beautiful machine for others to use.